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Kameks Foreign Trade BioPharma

We are specialized in the production of aluminum collapsible tubes for beauty products, the pharmaceuticals, tooth pastes, food pastes and adhesives with many dimensions.


- Manufacturing

Product / Technology type(s) covered:

- Cosmoceuticals

Therapeutic targets:

- Dermatology
- Orthopedics
- Pain

Company Contact

Kameks Foreign Trade
Konaklar Mah. Emlak Bankası Apt. N0:1/14, 4Levent
34330 Istanbul
Phone: 0212325 22 20
FAX: 021232522 10
Website: http://www.kameks.com.tr
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Markets Covered

a. HeadQuarter: Turkey

b. Continent(s) active: Asia , Africa , Europe

c. Countries active: syria, jordan, UAE,South Africa, Algery

Corporate data:

Number of Employees: 7

Amount: Year: Currency:
7.000.000$ 2006 US Dollar

Year founded: 1991

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