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Altana AG BioPharma

ALTANA AG is a strategic management holding company with headquarters at Günther Quandt House in Bad Homburg v.d.H., Germany. The ALTANA Group concentrates on pharmaceuticals (Byk Gulden) and specialty chemicals (BYK-Chemie).
Byk product range is based on the three strategic business segments of Therapeutics with ethical drugs, Diagnostics for the recognition and analysis of diseases, and OTC Products for self-medication and direct purchase by the patient. Among its best-known products are Pantozol®, Sanostol ®, Riopan ® and Buerlecithin ®. In addition to its existing areas, the Pharmaceuticals division is increasingly focusing one genetic and biotechnology.


- Manufacturing
- Sales & Distribution

Product / Technology type(s) covered:

- API / chemicals
- Bio
- Diagnostics
- Generics
- OTC (over the counter drugs)
- Pharmaceuticals / Therapeutics
- Prescription drugs (Rx)
- Technology

Therapeutic targets:

Company Contact

Altana AG
Günther-Quandt-Haus, Seedammweg 55
61352 Bad Homburg v. d. Höhe

Website: www.altana.com
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Markets Covered

a. HeadQuarter: Germany

b. Continent(s) active: Europe , North America , Asia

c. Countries active:

Corporate data:

Number of Employees: 9122

Amount: Year: Currency:
2308000000 2001 Euro

Year founded:

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