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Adherex Technologies BioPharma

Adherex Technologies is a biotechnology company developing novel therapeutics based on cell adhesion technologies. Adherex is currently developing a portfolio of biologically active small molecules based on the cadherin family of cell adhesion molecules. Cadherins are the major biological glues that hold tissues intact. They play an important role in maintaining the integrity of tissues and barriers in the body, development, recovery from injury, and cancer. Adherex has successfully developed compounds that alter the level of adhesion between cells. The Company is now investigating the applications of these cell adhesion modulators. Adherex has discovered a revolutionary new approach to cancer therapy. Our cadherin modulating drug Exherin has displayed potent anti-vascular activity. At therapeutic concentrations it effectively destroys tumor vessels without harming normal vessels.


- Research & Development

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- Bio
- Pharmaceuticals / Therapeutics

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Adherex Technologies

Website: www.adherex.com

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