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Amrad Corporation Ltd BioPharma

AMRAD Corporation Limited is an Australian pharmaceutical and biotechnology research and development company. Based in Melbourne, Victoria, the company conducts research and development to discover and develop innovative medicines. AMRAD generates revenue from the partnering of research and development projects and technologies, and from marketing innovative manufactured and licensed-in products. Through the discovery of unique pharmaceutical compounds from its own in-house research, and from collaboration with many of Australia's leading research institutes, AMRAD aims to develop pharmaceuticals for world markets. As well, AMRAD has established profitable pharmaceutical and biotechnology businesses - AMRAD Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd and AMRAD Biotech.


- Licensing & Business Development
- Market Research & Marketing

Product / Technology type(s) covered:

- Bio
- Generics
- OTC (over the counter drugs)
- Pharmaceuticals / Therapeutics
- Technology

Therapeutic targets:

Company Contact

Amrad Corporation Ltd

Website: www.amrad.com.au

Markets Covered

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Corporate data:

Number of Employees:

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Year founded:

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