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Paranova - Gruppen A/S BioPharma

Paranova was established in 1989 as Scandinavia’s first parallel importer of original pharmaceuticals. Today we are still Scandinavia’s major parallel importer with a turnover of approx. DKK 560 mill. and a staff numbering around 200. We purchase the pharmaceuticals in member countries of the EU or the EEA. After repackaging, the pharmaceuticals are distributed in other EU and EEA countries.This parallel trade is possible because pharmaceutical manufacturers market identical pharmaceuticals at greatly varying prices in the different EU and EEA countries. However, we do not believe that the patients and tax payers of some countries should have to pay considerably more for identical pharmaceuticals. We have therefore paved the way for an understanding that parallel import of pharmaceuticals is an effective way of reducing the prices, and we are proud to say that the work of Paranova has resulted in considerable savings for both patients and national health services in all the countries in which we have established a presence.


- Sales & Distribution

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- Pharmaceuticals / Therapeutics

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Paranova - Gruppen A/S

Website: www.paranova.com

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b. Continent(s) active: Europe

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