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Xechem International, Inc. BioPharma

Founded in 1994, Xechem is a fully integrated Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Company, providing generic and proprietary drugs for tomorrow's market place. Xechem utilizes its International Network of Ethnobotanists, local Folklore Healers (Shamens) and Chemists to screen Natural Products used by Folklore Healers for their Therapeutic value to develop those plants, their extracts and pure compounds which demonstrate promising activity in the primary screen. Xechem and its subsidiaries have the required background, capabilities, and resources to isolate and produce valuable Natural Products from a variety of medicinal plants, marine sources, and fermentation process . Plants and Herbs have long been recognized and used for their therapeutic benefit. Proprietary Drugs: Our expertise in drug development started with our first project: the successful launch of vancomycin in a remarkably short time - within 3 and 1/2 years, from culture in the test tube through final active drug substance to the finished dosage form marketed with FDA approval. This occurred when Xechem was affiliated with the LyphoMed Pharmaceutical Company. An emphasis is now on our PAXETOL™ brand of paclitaxel for treating refractory ovarian and breast cancer. Generic Drugs: The generic drugs produced include: Vancomycin, Paclitaxel (PAXETOL™), Bleomycin


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Xechem International, Inc.

United States of America
Website: www.xechem.com

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