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Actelion Ltd. BioPharma

ACTELION is committed to pharmaceutical research and the development of innovative drugs. Since its founding in December 1997, ACTELION has been guided by a fundamental commitment to pharmaceutical research and to the generation and development of innovative drugs. The focus on one organ - the endothelium - is a unique concept that singles out ACTELION from other pharmaceutical companies. During its two first years of operation, ACTELION has established the in-house expertise and capabilities to discover, develop and bring to the market innovative drugs. The next step for ACTELION is to set up its sales forces for their marketing. Our two initial drugs, tezosentan and bosentan, originated from the earlier drug discovery work of members of our management group. ACTELION has obtained the license to these products and is developing them up to registration. Both might lead to significant improvements in the daily life and life expectancy and reduction of hospitalizations in patients with heart failure and with pulmonary hypertension.


- Research & Development

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- Pharmaceuticals / Therapeutics

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Actelion Ltd.

Website: www.actelion.com

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