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Unit of Genetics and Molecular Diagnosis BioPharma

Unit of Genetics and Molecular Diagnosis of the University of The Coruņa and we acted under the help of the Galician Institute of Molecular Medicine. Main objective is in elevating the quality of the medical attention offered to the population and promote the use, handling and domain of new diagnostic procedures that will dominate the medicine of the next millennium, the Molecular Medicine. Has carried out a series of tests of diagnostic application which have been developed in our lab.These tests would be of great utility in hands of oncologists, pediatricians, neurologists, clinical, and geneticists. If you are looking for a genetic laboratory which be able to help you in order to obtain an highly ACCURATE, FAST, and non-expensive molecular genetic diagnosis we invite you to contact us, we could help you.


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Product / Technology type(s) covered:

- Bio
- Diagnostics

Therapeutic targets:

- Genetics

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Unit of Genetics and Molecular Diagnosis


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