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Xenex Laboratories Inc. BioPharma

Primarily focused on the retail pharmaceutical (online sales) and hospital sectors with an extensive range of compounding chemicals. Xenex Laboratories Inc. acquired the operations of a national pharmaceutical and essential oils packages in 1995. The previous company ( Sel-Win Chemicals) had been operating in Western Canada for twenty years and Ontario for five years. The new owners of Xenex have re-focused the corporate marketing strategy. Xenex has aggressively expanded to all Provinces in Canada through its distribution facilities in BC and Ontario. Working in close association with the major pharmaceutical wholesalers in Canada, Xenex offers a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical compounding chemicals, essential oils and botanical oils. Xenex has recently entered into an arrangement with the leading developer of pluronic lecithin organogel bases and the exceptional, new ready-to-use lecithin organogel base, Transderma . It is our intention to remain at the forefront of developments associated with pharmaceutical delivery systems and prescription compounding.


- Sales & Distribution

Product / Technology type(s) covered:

- API / chemicals
- Phyto

Therapeutic targets:

Company Contact

Xenex Laboratories Inc.
2402 Canoa Ave.
V3K6C2 Coquitlam
Website: www.xenexlabs.com

Markets Covered

a. HeadQuarter:

b. Continent(s) active: North America

c. Countries active:

Corporate data:

Number of Employees:

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Year founded:

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