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Mahima Exports Pvt Ltd BioPharma

We are manufacturer expoter of Steriods in India.
with GMP and ISO 9001 2000 certifiction.
Dexamethasone Sodium phosphate BP/USP
Clobetasol Propionate BP/USP
Betamethasone Sodium Phosphate BP/USP
Prednisolone Acetate BP/USP
Betamethasone Di Propionate BP/USP
Betamethasone Valerate BP/USP
Riboflavin 5- Phosphate Sodium BP/USP


- Manufacturing

Product / Technology type(s) covered:

- API / chemicals

Therapeutic targets:

- Asthma
- Cancer
- Women's Health

Company Contact

Mahima Exports Pvt Ltd
Suite No 1705, 3rd Floor, Onkar Bhawan,
110006 Delhi
Phone: 91 11 23862504
FAX: 91 11 23863299
Website: http://www.mahimaexpo.com
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Markets Covered

a. HeadQuarter: India

b. Continent(s) active: Europe , Far East , Australia/New-Zealand

c. Countries active: world wide

Corporate data:

Number of Employees: 50

Amount: Year: Currency:
50000 2002 US Dollar

Year founded: 1996

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