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Bio Intellectual Property Services (Bio IPS) BioPharma

Bio Intellectual Property Services (Bio IPS) provides services in patent prosecution and prior art search. I am specialized in Chemical/Pharmaceutical/medical/Biotech/Business Methods arts. My background includes a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and Cell Biology from University of Massachusetts-Amherst (1988), a Master of Science from University of Minnesota (1982), a registration to practice before U.S. Patent and Trademark Office as well as four years of examining experience at the USPTO (1997-2001). I can provide a high quality work at a reasonable price. You can use my skills in searching the prior art for Patentability, Infringement, and Validity to handle some of your needs. I have access to most advanced databases of scientific and patent information in the world. Furthermore, I can help with all patent related work, including patent prosecution and preparation of DNA sequence formats according to the USPTO rules. I am located close to the USPTO


- Regulatory Affairs & Legal Services

Product / Technology type(s) covered:

- API / chemicals
- Bio
- Cosmoceuticals
- Curative
- Devices
- Diagnostics
- Drug delivery
- Enzymes
- Generics
- FP (finished products)
- NCE (new chemical entities)
- OTC (over the counter drugs)
- Pharmaceuticals / Therapeutics
- Phyto
- Nutritionals / Vitamins
- Prescription drugs (Rx)
- Preventive
- Proteins
- Reagents
- Technology

Therapeutic targets:

Company Contact

Bio Intellectual Property Services (Bio IPS)
8509 Kernon CT
22079 Lorton
United States of America
Phone: 703-550-1968
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Markets Covered

a. HeadQuarter: United States of America

b. Continent(s) active: North America , Europe , Asia , Near/Middle East , Africa , Central/South America , Australia/New-Zealand , Far East

c. Countries active: United States of America

Corporate data:

Number of Employees: 3

Amount: Year: Currency:
250000 2001 US Dollar

Year founded: 2001

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