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M/S.Jintan Dengguan Chemical Co.,Ltd BioPharma

1. p-Chlorobenzoic acid/ p-Chlorobenzaldehyde /Phenylacetic acid
/m-chlorobenzoic acid/Phenoxy acetic acid/Methyl Sulfonyl Methane
/2-benzylphenone/Trimethyl Citrate/P-nitrophenylacetic acid
/P-nitrobenzylcyanide / Citrazinic acid/2-amino-5-chloropyridine
/1-cyano-4-nitro-benzene/Amitraz (Technical)


- Manufacturing

Product / Technology type(s) covered:

- API / chemicals

Therapeutic targets:

- Women's Health

Company Contact

M/S.Jintan Dengguan Chemical Co.,Ltd
23#, Zhenxing Road, Jintan, Jiangsu, China
213253 jintan
Phone: +86 519 2423931
Website: http://www.dg-chem.com
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Markets Covered

a. HeadQuarter: China

b. Continent(s) active: Asia , Europe , Far East , North America

c. Countries active: india

Corporate data:

Number of Employees: 500more

Amount: Year: Currency:
5,000,000 2002 US Dollar

Year founded: 1970

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