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Alphabetical classification of companies: G BioPharma

214 Companies for G: Pages: [<<] 1 2 3 4 5 [>>]

Alphabetical listing of Companies (G) BioPharma

GlycoDesign Inc., location: Canada
GLYCODesign is a private, biopharmaceutical company engaged in the discovery and early stage clinica ... more

Glycorex Transplantation AB, location: Sweden
Glycorex Transplantation AB (publ.) develops products that decrease the risk of graft-rejection. The ... more

GlycoSolutions Corporation, location: United States of America
GlycoSolutions Corporation offers contract carbohydrate analysis and consulting in carbohydrate chem ... more

Glycosynth, location: United Kingdom
Glycosynth is the leading, UK specialist manufacturer of chromogenic and fluorogenic substrates,to t ... more

Glyko, Inc., location: United States of America
Glyko develops and manufactures carbohydrate instruments and reagents for scientific research and me ... more

GMP Compliance [India], location: India
GMP based inspection on vendor sites located in India. Sourcing out APIs. Sourcing out Protected Ami ... more

GNN-GROUP, location: Austria
GNN-GROUP is specialised in worldwide handling sensitive bio-medical and bio-pharmaceutical shipment ... more

Goedecke AG, location: Germany
... more

Goedecke Parke-Davis, location:
... more

GoIndustry Group, location: United Kingdom
The GoIndustry Group provides the Biotech and Pharmaceutical Sectors with a comprehensive global ass ... more

Goldayua Inc.USA, location: Hungary
RELEASE and COOPERATION REQUEST. Could you drink yourself free from cancer? GOLDAQUA may be the liqu ... more

GoldenMedic, location: Morocco
Importing All different kinds of Seringes, Condoms and Kit membrane of hemodialysis, Total Ecran,pre ... more

Goldlandpharma, location: Philippines
importer, wholesaler, distributor of generic drugs and other imported medicines and medical equipmen ... more

Goldline Seeds India pvt ltd, location: India
Involved in the activities of herbal cultivation onbuy back guratee presantly concentrating colieus ... more

Goodwin Biotechnology, Inc., location: United States of America
A biological manufacturer of monoclonal antibodies, including downstream processing and purification ... more

Goodwin Pharma Chem Laboratories, location: India
We are one of the leading producers of Herbal Extracts based in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, South India. ... more

Gopani Product Systems, location: India
Filters, filtration equipment, filter cartridges ... more

Gourmet Nutrition FB (GMP), location: Canada
Since 1988, Gourmet Nutrition sells prime quality ingredients to customers in the nutraceutical and ... more

Govind inc, location: India
We are working as a consuitants to aprroximataly 200 pharma companies in india ... more

GPC AG, location: Germany
GPC is a leading second generation genomics-based drug discovery company with headquarters in Martin ... more

GPIA, location:
... more

Grace Intercom Co.,Ltd, location: South Korea
Manufacturer & Distributor of Pharmaceutical raw materials, finished formulations, vaccines and Diag ... more

Gramma Linero, location: Yugoslavia
We import all kinds of Scientific Instruments, Chemicals, Reagents, Culture Media etc. ... more

Grampian Pharmaceuticals Ltd, location: United Kingdom
... more

Granard Pharmaceutical Sales & Marketing, LLC, location: United States of America
Granard is the leading US sales and marketing company in the US. We represent both brand and generic ... more

Grand Medical Ltd, location: United Kingdom
Grand Medical LTD company specializes in market research, registration and promotion of medicines. M ... more

Grandix Pharmaceuticals ltd, location: India
manufacturers of quality pharmaceuticals and importers ... more

Granutech Inc, location: United States of America
... more

Great Dragon Biochemicals Co., Ltd., location: Hong Kong
Great Dragon is a manufacturer and exporter of biochemicals, Herbs extracts, nucleic acids, Indoles, ... more

Green Leaf Pharmaceutical Factory, location: China
Chemical medicine, steroid power, series of anabolic steroid hormone, series of androgenic hormone, ... more

Greenland Biosource, location: India
Manufacturers and Exporters of Menthol and other Allied Mint Products, Essential Oils, Aroma Chemica ... more

Greensol SA, location: France
GREENSOL’s team is involved in product development and packaging with water-soluble films. Contract ... more

Greenwoods Herbal Extract Co., Ltd, location: China
Greenwoods Herbal Extract Co., Ltd is a leading professional manufacturer and exporter of all kind o ... more

Greyon Healthcare Co. Ltd, location: Hong Kong
Selling & marketing medical and pharma products in Hong Kong and China. ... more

Greystone Associates, location: United States of America
Greystone Associates is focused on providing the most accurate, timely, and comprehensive analysis, ... more

Grindlaya Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., location: India
Grindlays Pharmaceuticals is 23 year old manufacturer of Drugs & Intermediates. We manufacture: - D ... more

Gripo laboratories, location: India
Manufacturing Pharmaceutical formulations in Tablets,Liquids,Liq.orals,Ext.preparations,Ointments & ... more

GRR Exports, location: India
We are the leading Indenting House in India offering Insourcing for Imports & outsourcing services f ... more

Grupa Rayma sa, location: Spain
In 1984 we started a project with the brands Rayma and Balance,manufacturing a bracelet that was als ... more

Grupo Farma SA, location: Venezuela
... more

GRV Merchandizing, location: India
Exporting company engaged in cultivation, manufacturing and exporting of herbal raw material, herbal ... more

Grünenthal GmbH, location: Germany
A research-based pharmaceutical manufacturer and an independent family-owned group. For Grünenthal t ... more

Guang Dong Vtr Bio-Tech co., ltd, location: China
We has developed as the largest and most professional feed enzyme manufacture in China. We specializ ... more

Guangdong Medtech Xinghua Pharmaceutical, location: China
It is mainly engaged in producing, developing and selling of medicine and healthy food. ... more

Guangxi Changzhou Natural Products Development Co., Ltd., location: China
As a largest Asian manufacturer specialized in researching, developing and manufacturing Centella As ... more

Guangxi Medicines and Health I/E Corp., location: China
We are a biggest company dealing Pharmaceutical Raw Materials, as Levodopa , Naproxen, and Paracetam ... more

We are a specialize company exporting Chinese herbs and drugs, Chinese patent medicines, animal and ... more

Guangzhou CBL Electromechanical & Electronic Assembly Ltd., location: China
We are seeking good business clients as we are on track to repeat our success of Asia in Seattle, Wa ... more

Guangzhou Jingxiutang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, location: China
Guangzhou Jingxiutang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd is a traditional medicine manufacturing factory with a ... more

Guangzhou Tianxin Pharmaceutical, location: China
Mainly produced dosage forms of antibiotics. It was the only enterprise producing penicillin in Guan ... more

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New Listings:

Shenzhen Gosun Pharma Co.,Ltd, location: China
Shenzhen Gosun Pharma is the earliest and leading pharmaceutical company engaged in developing, manufacturing and marketing cephalosporin in China since 1992. For APT, the key product is cefotaxime/ce... more

Viro-Immun Labor-Diagnostika GmbH, location: Germany
Viro-Immun manufactures superior ELISA / EIA, IFA and Western Blot diagnostic kits for infectious and autoimmune diseases. The proprietary production of antigens and reagents provide consistent superi... more

Fermentek biotechnology, location: Israel
Fermentek is a young Jerusalem based biotechnology company, specializing in Fermentation technology/ Fermentek makes rare antibiotics,drug discovery leads, antiangioghenesis reagents, immunomodulators... more

Roskamp Institute, location: United States of America
Roskamp Institute is involved in finding a cure for Alzheimer's Disease and other neuropsychiatric disorders. The researchers work on drug discovery platform to reduce amyloid production in the brain... more

Lusomedicamenta, location: Portugal
Specialised in the manufacture of solid, liquid and semi-solid pharmaceutical forms.Currently we have around 160 employees working in 2 shifts. 150 fomulas in 700 presentations. We export to 47 differ... more

Infopia Co., Ltd., location: South Korea
We, infopia Co., Ltd., are the manufacturer of medical instruments located in South Korea. Our main items are blood glucose monitoring systems with various models for diabetes and prediabetes. Our bio... more

ZM Company, location: Canada
ZM Company, an independant CRO, specializing in Medical Affairs: Medical Monitoring, Clinical Monitoring, Serious Adverse Event (SAE) Management, Medical Data Review & Coding services, Clinical Data M... more

Belco Pharma, location: India
WHO approved, manufacturer of Pharmaceutical products since 1975. Manufacturing Injectable, Tablets, Capsules, External Preparations, Liquid orals, Powders in various categories: Antibiotics ( B-lactu... more

Biomatik Corporation, location: United States of America
Biomatik Corporation is a leading provider of biotech products and custom services. We offer the most competitive custom gene synthesis and peptide synthesis services in the world. We have several pro... more

Eurogentec NA, location: United States of America
EUROGENTEC, North America, Inc., your partner for genomic and proteomic research products, Eurogentec offers its customers integrated solutions, whether they use DNA, antibodies, peptides or proteins ... more

Pharmarchitecture Limited, location: United Kingdom
Full spectrum health outcomes and health technology assessment consulting: clinical trial and routine data analysis, epidemiology, costing, economic evaluation, decision modelling, pricing and market ... more


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