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Alphabetical classification of companies: I BioPharma

213 Companies for I: Pages: [<<] 1 2 3 4 5

Alphabetical listing of Companies (I) BioPharma

Isotechnika Inc., location:
... more

ISP International Specialty Products, location: United States of America
ISP produces more than 325 products, which have a broad range of applications in such markets as pha ... more

Istituto Ganassini s.p.a., location: Italy
... more

Itaca Laboratorios Ltda, location: Brazil
... more

Italchimici SpA, location: Italy
... more

Italfarmaco S.p.A., location: Italy
... more

Italia Incorporation, location: India
We would like to introduce our selves as Manufacturer , Exporter-Importer for various Basic Dyes, In ... more

iTomos,INC, location: China
itomos life science ... more

Ivax Corporation, location: United States of America
... more

IVC Industries, Inc., location:
Vitamins, herbals, nutritional supplements, and over-the-counter pharmaceutical drug products availa ... more

IVD Marketing, location: France
Created in 1997, the purpose of IVD Marketing is to offer to the company active in the Diagnostic fi ... more

Ives Health, location:
... more

Ivowen Limited, location: Ireland
Ivowen Limited can provide expert advice on Regulatory Affairs and Project Management to the generic ... more

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New Listings:

Shenzhen Gosun Pharma Co.,Ltd, location: China
Shenzhen Gosun Pharma is the earliest and leading pharmaceutical company engaged in developing, manufacturing and marketing cephalosporin in China since 1992. For APT, the key product is cefotaxime/ce... more

Viro-Immun Labor-Diagnostika GmbH, location: Germany
Viro-Immun manufactures superior ELISA / EIA, IFA and Western Blot diagnostic kits for infectious and autoimmune diseases. The proprietary production of antigens and reagents provide consistent superi... more

Fermentek biotechnology, location: Israel
Fermentek is a young Jerusalem based biotechnology company, specializing in Fermentation technology/ Fermentek makes rare antibiotics,drug discovery leads, antiangioghenesis reagents, immunomodulators... more

Roskamp Institute, location: United States of America
Roskamp Institute is involved in finding a cure for Alzheimer's Disease and other neuropsychiatric disorders. The researchers work on drug discovery platform to reduce amyloid production in the brain... more

Lusomedicamenta, location: Portugal
Specialised in the manufacture of solid, liquid and semi-solid pharmaceutical forms.Currently we have around 160 employees working in 2 shifts. 150 fomulas in 700 presentations. We export to 47 differ... more

Infopia Co., Ltd., location: South Korea
We, infopia Co., Ltd., are the manufacturer of medical instruments located in South Korea. Our main items are blood glucose monitoring systems with various models for diabetes and prediabetes. Our bio... more

ZM Company, location: Canada
ZM Company, an independant CRO, specializing in Medical Affairs: Medical Monitoring, Clinical Monitoring, Serious Adverse Event (SAE) Management, Medical Data Review & Coding services, Clinical Data M... more

Belco Pharma, location: India
WHO approved, manufacturer of Pharmaceutical products since 1975. Manufacturing Injectable, Tablets, Capsules, External Preparations, Liquid orals, Powders in various categories: Antibiotics ( B-lactu... more

Biomatik Corporation, location: United States of America
Biomatik Corporation is a leading provider of biotech products and custom services. We offer the most competitive custom gene synthesis and peptide synthesis services in the world. We have several pro... more

Eurogentec NA, location: United States of America
EUROGENTEC, North America, Inc., your partner for genomic and proteomic research products, Eurogentec offers its customers integrated solutions, whether they use DNA, antibodies, peptides or proteins ... more

Pharmarchitecture Limited, location: United Kingdom
Full spectrum health outcomes and health technology assessment consulting: clinical trial and routine data analysis, epidemiology, costing, economic evaluation, decision modelling, pricing and market ... more


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