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Alphabetical classification of companies: P BioPharma

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Alphabetical listing of Companies (P) BioPharma

pharmadis Ltd, location: Mauritius (Island of)
Mainly sales and distribution of pharmaceuticals and parapharmaceuticals. ... more

PharmAffiliates Analytics&Synthetics (P) Ltd, location: India
We are an integrated CRO located in Asia with a veteran platoon headed by Mr.A.K. Sabharwal and offe ... more

Pharmakon Trading Corporation, location: Pakistan
Pharmakon is dedicated to the Indenting, Import, Export & Distribution of Bulk Industrial Chemicals, ... more

Pharmaland, location: Egypt
Ready to export to Egypt and/or import to other countries pharmaceutical products, medicinal supplie ... more

PharmAlef Developments, location: Israel
Our efforts are consistently dedicated to development of quality pharmaceutical products. We are con ... more

Pharmalem, location: Greece
Want to develop business/trade,with key distributors/traders to supply our products. We are a majo ... more

PharmAlliance, location: India
PharmAlliance provides comprehensive Consulting Services for Pharmaceutical & Allied Industries: - C ... more

Pharmanetnigeria, location: Nigeria
pharmanetnigeria is a susbsidiary company of Josephann investment limited set up to provide regulato ... more

PharmaPart AG, location: Switzerland
More than a consulting firm, because we also provide the clinical and regulatory services needed to ... more

Pharmaplan Engineering AG, location: Switzerland
... more

PharmaPlan Hatch LLC, location: United States of America
... more

PharmaPlan UK Ltd, location: United Kingdom
... more

PharmaPlus Consultancy BV, location: Netherlands
Services on strategic alliances (technology transfer, licensing, R&D collaborations), project and ac ... more

Pharmaplus Pharmacy, location: Mauritius (Island of)
Our company is looking for reliable competitive sources of pharmaceuticals. We run three retail outl ... more

Pharmarchitecture Limited, location: United Kingdom
Full spectrum health outcomes and health technology assessment consulting: clinical trial and routin ... more

Pharmasan, Inc., location: Philippines
Marketing and distribution of pharmaceutical products for human & animal use, medical disposables, f ... more

Pharmaserve Ltd, location: United Kingdom
... more

Pharmaswift, location: Egypt
Pharmaceutical Agent for many companies manufacturing herbal,natural medicinal products: Imovent: co ... more

PHARMATEC International, location: Italy
... more

Pharmatech Outsourcing Pvt. Ltd., location: United States of America
Pharmatech Outsourcing (PO) helps API manufacturers and Formulation Manufacturers develop successful ... more

Pharmathen Pharmaceuticals S.A., location: Greece
Pharmathen's has expertize in the following areas: 1.Sales & Marketing of pharmaceuticals in Greece ... more

Pharmatrade International, location: Egypt
distributor company for pharmaceutical row material and bulk drug ... more

Pharmax Group, Inc., location: United States of America
Pharmax offers compliance audtiting, pharmaceutical consulting, product formulation and testing serv ... more

Pharmed Medicare, location: India
Leading manufacturer of speciality ingredients for nutritional, pharmaceutical, animal feed, and per ... more

PharmEvo Pvt Ltd, location: Pakistan
Pharmaceutical company of Pakistan engaged in manufacturing, marketing and distribution of drugs and ... more

Pharmex United International, location: Egypt
- we need to import all type of feed additive raw material vitamins - antibiotics - feed enzymes ... more

Pharmion Corp., location: United States of America
Pharmion is an international pharmaceutical company focused on commercializing products that are res ... more

Pharmore Resources, location: India
We provide strategic marketing consultancy to pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies, including ... more

Pharmos Corp., location: United States of America
Pharmos Corporation is a bio-pharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, development and commer ... more

PharmRegistration International, location: United Kingdom
Regulatory consultants with particular expertise in Biotechnology CEO is an ex Regulator with 25 yea ... more

PHASE-1 Molecular Toxicology, Inc., location: United States of America
PHASE-1 is a molecular and high throughput toxicology contract laboratory. We specialize in develop ... more

Phasex Corporation, location: United States of America
Phasex Corporation is the world leader in supercritical fluid (SCF) technology. Extracting, purifyin ... more

PhenoClone, location: United States of America
Custom made primary cell cultures (human and animal); tissue engineering; stem cell biology ... more

Phidea S.L., location: Spain
PHIDEA is a Clinical Research Organization (CRO) providing services desired by the client, namely, m ... more

Phikon Biotech Pvt.Ltd., location: India
Phikon is a professional and progressive biotech company.Activities of Phikon Bio-Pharmaceuticals ... more

Phileurochin International, Inc., location: Philippines
Phileurochin International, Inc. is a sales and marketing company with major fields in pharmaceutica ... more

Phlox Pharmaceuticals Ltd, location: India
Phlox was incorporated in 1995, and has set up a state of art dedicated facility for the manufacture ... more

Phoenix Corporation, location: India
We offer TURNKEY Pharmaceutical Formulation Plants, including all machines, equipment, Project consu ... more

Phoenix Fine Chem Pvt. Limited, location: India
Manufacturer of Fine Chemicals / Intermediates selling at present in European Market having establis ... more

Phoenix International, location: France
Research ... more

Phoenix Research, location: United States of America
Elisabeth Frauendorfer, PhD, is a private researcher and a scientist who finances her activities as ... more

Photosynthetic Harvest Inc., location: United States of America
Photosynthetic Harvest Inc. (PHI), in collaboration with the laboratory of Ilya Raskin at Rutgers Un ... more

Phylogeny, Inc., location: United States of America
Phylogeny, Inc. provides the highest-quality 35-S labeled and digoxigenin (DIG) labeled in situ hybr ... more

PhyloMed Corporation, location: United States of America
Founded in 1983, the PhyloMed Corporation is a bio-pharmaceutical company based in Florida. The Comp ... more

Phylos, Inc., location: United States of America
Phylos is leading the development of advanced protein discovery technologies to rapidly bring novel ... more

Physica Pharma, location: France
Physica has developed drug delivery technologies focused on bioavailability enhancement. Physica pro ... more

Phytera, Inc., location: United States of America
Phytera, Inc. is an international biotechnology company applying the genetic and chemical diversity ... more

Phyto Concentrates, location: India
We are leading manufacturer of Stabndardised Herbal Extracts, Phytochemicals, Oils & Oleoresins. ... more

Phytomedics Inc., location: United States of America
Phytomedics Inc. has a broad and truly innovative proprietary technology platform that enables it to ... more

Phytopharm Kleka SA, location: Poland
Phytopharm KlÍka SA is the leading GMP certified, Polish manufacturer of herbal extracts and herbal ... more

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New Listings:

Shenzhen Gosun Pharma Co.,Ltd, location: China
Shenzhen Gosun Pharma is the earliest and leading pharmaceutical company engaged in developing, manufacturing and marketing cephalosporin in China since 1992. For APT, the key product is cefotaxime/ce... more

Viro-Immun Labor-Diagnostika GmbH, location: Germany
Viro-Immun manufactures superior ELISA / EIA, IFA and Western Blot diagnostic kits for infectious and autoimmune diseases. The proprietary production of antigens and reagents provide consistent superi... more

Fermentek biotechnology, location: Israel
Fermentek is a young Jerusalem based biotechnology company, specializing in Fermentation technology/ Fermentek makes rare antibiotics,drug discovery leads, antiangioghenesis reagents, immunomodulators... more

Roskamp Institute, location: United States of America
Roskamp Institute is involved in finding a cure for Alzheimer's Disease and other neuropsychiatric disorders. The researchers work on drug discovery platform to reduce amyloid production in the brain... more

Lusomedicamenta, location: Portugal
Specialised in the manufacture of solid, liquid and semi-solid pharmaceutical forms.Currently we have around 160 employees working in 2 shifts. 150 fomulas in 700 presentations. We export to 47 differ... more

Infopia Co., Ltd., location: South Korea
We, infopia Co., Ltd., are the manufacturer of medical instruments located in South Korea. Our main items are blood glucose monitoring systems with various models for diabetes and prediabetes. Our bio... more

ZM Company, location: Canada
ZM Company, an independant CRO, specializing in Medical Affairs: Medical Monitoring, Clinical Monitoring, Serious Adverse Event (SAE) Management, Medical Data Review & Coding services, Clinical Data M... more

Belco Pharma, location: India
WHO approved, manufacturer of Pharmaceutical products since 1975. Manufacturing Injectable, Tablets, Capsules, External Preparations, Liquid orals, Powders in various categories: Antibiotics ( B-lactu... more

Biomatik Corporation, location: United States of America
Biomatik Corporation is a leading provider of biotech products and custom services. We offer the most competitive custom gene synthesis and peptide synthesis services in the world. We have several pro... more

Eurogentec NA, location: United States of America
EUROGENTEC, North America, Inc., your partner for genomic and proteomic research products, Eurogentec offers its customers integrated solutions, whether they use DNA, antibodies, peptides or proteins ... more

Pharmarchitecture Limited, location: United Kingdom
Full spectrum health outcomes and health technology assessment consulting: clinical trial and routine data analysis, epidemiology, costing, economic evaluation, decision modelling, pricing and market ... more


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