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New alliance/partnership

United States Army Grants License for Skin Protectant Technology to DFB Pharmaceuticals

Prescription Cream Will Help Guard Soldiers Against Chemical Warfare Agents

Concerns: alliance/partnership
Released on: 13-Nov-2002

Pharmaceutical form and dosage: Ointment

Active substances / mechanism: polytetraflouroethylene resins


- Pharmaceuticals / Therapeutics
- Prescription drugs (Rx)
- Preventive
- Technology

Therapeutic target:

- Allergy
- Central nervous system
- Dermatology
- Infectious Diseases
- Men's Health
- Women's Health

Concerns the following market:
- United States of America
- Canada

See also:

Company Profile: Healthpoint, Ltd., a DFB Pharmaceuticals Company
United States of America

Contact for this news release: Jay Nisbet

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Full Description:
(Fort Worth, TX, USA) — Paul Duesterhoft, Vice President, New Business Development DFB Pharmaceuticals Inc., has announced that the company and its affiliates Healthpoint Ltd. and DPT Laboratories have been granted a license for a patented topical skin protectant technology from the United States Army Medical Research & Materiel Command.

The skin protectant technology is currently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a prescription pharmaceutical for military use only that, when used in conjunction with appropriate protective clothing, protects soldiers from skin exposure to chemical warfare agents. The cream contains polytetraflouroethylene resins, compounds that are similar to the substances that coat non-stick cooking utensils.

This technology represents the first FDA-approved prescription skin protectant drug designed to help the military guard against dangers from chemical warfare agents.

Although approved by the FDA for military use, DFB’s Healthpoint affiliate will be pursuing discussions with regulatory agencies to determine requirements for the existing military product to be labeled for use by first responders and consumers.

DFB Pharmaceuticals provides technology-driven products, outsourcing services, and licensing opportunities to the healthcare industry worldwide. DFB has two affiliates, HEALTHPOINT and DPT Laboratories. Visit www.dfb.com.

HEALTHPOINT, with over 225 employees, is a market leader in tissue management, dermatology, and infection prevention. HEALTHPOINT has headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, with additional offices in Canada. Visit www.healthpoint.com.

DPT Laboratories specializes in the full service development, manufacturing, packaging and worldwide distribution of Rx, OTC and biotech products. DPT, based in San Antonio, Texas, USA with additional facilities in Lakewood, New Jersey, USA, has 1500 employees. Visit www.dptlabs.com.


  Contact for this news release: Jay Nisbet

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