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New alliance/partnership

HEALTHPOINT®, MedAssets HSCA Ink Three-Year Group Purchasing Agreement

Deal Includes Unique HEALTHPOINT Debriding, Healing Ointments Accuzyme® and Panafil®

Concerns: alliance/partnership
Released on: 26-Nov-2002


- Bio
- OTC (over the counter drugs)
- Pharmaceuticals / Therapeutics
- Prescription drugs (Rx)

Therapeutic target:

- Aging
- Cardiovascular
- Dermatology
- Epidemiology
- Geriatrics
- Infectious Diseases
- Pain
- Surgery
- Transplant
- Urology

Concerns the following market:
- United States of America

See also:

Company Profile: Healthpoint, Ltd., a DFB Pharmaceuticals Company
United States of America

Contact for this news release: Jay Nisbet

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Full Description:
(Fort Worth, TX) --- Joseph Santoro, Senior Director of Healthcare Systems at HEALTHPOINT, Ltd., has announced that MedAssets HSCA, Inc., the largest independent group purchasing organization in the nation, has awarded HEALTHPOINT a three-year purchasing agreement for a host of HEALTHPOINT products, including Accuzyme papain urea debriding ointment and Panafil papain urea chlorophyllin copper complex healing, debriding, and deodorizing ointment. The agreement is the first between the two companies.

“This agreement allows MedAssets members access to HEALTHPOINT products at advantageous prices, yielding substantial savings for hospitals and new revenue growth for HEALTHPOINT,” said Mr. Santoro.

According to Mr. Santoro, physicians and nurses who practice chronic wound care are shifting to prescription drugs like Accuzyme and Panafil to achieve better and faster outcomes. These drugs are becoming standards of care, and in many cases, costly surgery can even be avoided with these pharmaceutical alternatives.

MedAssets HSCA, Inc., headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, is the largest independent group purchasing organization in the country, serving more than 16,000 healthcare providers nationwide with purchasing power approaching $7 billion in gross throughput. For more information about MedAssets HSCA, contact Gary Johnson, Vice President for Marketing and Marketing Services at gjohnson@medassets.com.

Since its inception in 1992, HEALTHPOINT has established a national presence in the research, development, and marketing of branded pharmaceuticals, over the counter drugs, and medical devices for tissue management, dermatology, and infection prevention. HEALTHPOINT, with over 200 employees, is a DFB Pharmaceuticals, Inc. affiliate company. HEALTHPOINT has headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, with an additional office in Canada. Visit HEALTHPOINT’s web site at www.healthpoint.com.

  Contact for this news release: Jay Nisbet

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