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An infarct-avid radiopharmaceutical labelled with Technetium 99m, directed against cardiac myosin

Offer available for: partnership


- Bio
- Pharmaceuticals / Therapeutics
- Proteins
- Technology

Therapeutic target:

- Cardiovascular

Action: Assessment of myocardial infarction

Company Contact

Corporate data: PharmaRegistrations

Contact for this offer: Lieve Vermassen

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Full Description:
CardioVision™, one of these monoclonal antibodies, is an infarct-avid radiopharmaceutical labelled with Technetium 99m, directed against cardiac myosin (one of the contractile proteins inside the cardiac cell) and intended for the assessment of myocardial infarction, its risk stratification, the documentation of "micro-infarctions" after revascularisation procedures and thrombolysis and the monitoring of heart transplant rejection. It is produced through biotechnology by incorporating the hybridoma-cell line into a bioreactor.

We are seeking partnership focusing on clinical development, production capacities and marketing experience focused on cardiology.

Full Business Plan including Financial Statement available under Secrecy Agreement.

Availability and Market information:

Status: Clinical Trial

Market(s) and Registration Info: (date: concerns Marketing Authorization)
- United States of America : 2004
- Canada : 2005
Other: Europe: 2005

Registration info: CardioVision™ went through the Preclinical, the Phase I and Phase II Development.

Market information

Other Market Info: If the Phase III trials can be started beginning 2001, the launch is foreseen by the end of 2004 in the USA and during 2005 in Canada and Europe.
We assume that after the patent expiry the sales potential will remain unaltered due to the unique character of the hybridoma cell-line.

Patent Information:
Name: CardioVision™
Patent expiration date: > 2006
Patent info: Not only CardioVision™ but also its production processes are patent protected until 2009 in Canada, 2010 in Europe and 2014 in the USA.

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