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What to find in our directories BioPharma

Company and Market info
The information to be found concerns companies, laboratories and institutions contributing to the healthcare industry: through research & development, manufacturing, sales & distribution of pharmaceutical and therapy-related products and technologies. General company info, therapeutic specialization, main activities, products offered or searched, services, stock symbols, news, markets to name some.

Smart searches Search results provide you with a list of links. Just a click on that link gives you detailed information. New additions are specified in the new-section.

A simple page structure of the company profile has been set up to provide users an at-a-glance view of each company, without having to dig in all those different web sites.

To find contact information of the company on the profile, be it the web site, or key executives to be contacted for a specific subject, might be published as well through enhanced company profiles.
See for yourself how it works: Click here to see an example of an offer or Click here for an example of an enhanced company profile.


Our different searchable sections are:

  • Updated Company Directory
    The directory of companies is monitored: companies are found through searches on the Internet and other sources, or the respective companies add their company information directly to the directory through addition requests.
    Additions are reviewed in either manner. Links to web sites on the Internet are reviewed regularly to keep our directory up to date. Companies, who list their company details, are asked to review the content on a yearly basis.

      BioPharma View our actual company directory

  • Products and technology Offers
    Trough enhanced company profiles, companies have also the opportunity to list their available products and technologies, be it pharmaceuticals ready for marketing or under development and available for co-development or licensing, technology transfers, active pharmaceutical ingredients and chemicals for sale.

    Available information about the products consists of patent information, therapeutic target, development status, availability and other useful information.
    You will find OTC and prescription drugs: generics, super generics, patented drugs.
    The directory of offers may also contain new chemical entities, formulations, chemicals, biologicals, gene therapies and technologies as diagnostics or divices.

      BioPharma View our actual directory of offers: licensing opportunities and products to buy

  • Products and technology Calls
    Trough enhanced company profiles, some companies have listed their needs for products and technologies or services sought.
    The calls can be a pharmaceutical in a specifique therapeutic area searched for to distribute by the company, a specific technology needed to license-in, a service such as regulatory issues in a specific market

      BioPharma Search for calls

  • Listed Services
    Also trough enhanced company profiles, some companies have listed their detailed services.
    You can find regulatory affairs, development, marketing services to name some.

      BioPharma Search for services

  • News Releases
    Only trough enhanced company profiles, companies can publish their news releases.
    You can find the news releases in the directory and in the enhanced profile
    The news releases are also published through our newsletter, together with new companies added, offers, calls and services.

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