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FAQ Enhanced Profile BioPharma

1. What are the advantages of taking an enhanced profile?
2. How do I proceed?
3. What public do I reach?
4. How does my company gets visited by the targeted public?
5. What can I exhibit in my showroom?
6. What products can I list?
7. How many items can I list?
8. Can I make sales through the site?
9. How do I update my profile?
10. Can I have more than 1 profile for my company?
11. Can I list my profile under different categories?
12. How much does it cost?
13. How do I pay?
14. How do I follow-up results?


What are the advantages of taking an enhanced profile?

With an enhanced profile you get a complete showroom to exhibit your company. You broaden the reach for your company: your company will get more coverage through the possibility to publish in-depth company information, such as detailed product listings, multiple contact data and company logo.
Also, enhanced profiles will catch more of your prospects' attention through priority listings.

To know more on these benefits read about the benefits or compare features.

How do I proceed?

Just go to add company and open an account (free). Follow the instructions to add your basic company data (free basic profile).
To get an enhanced profile, proceed by following the link "get an enhanced profile". From here you may place your order.
After order processing, you can proceed immediately to add additional information: i.e. detailed services, offers, calls or news releases.

If you already have a free basic profile and want to take advantage of the benefits of the enhanced services, just enter the user-section using your name and password and follow the link "Get an enhanced profile".

Note that all profile additions, be they basic (free) or enhanced, will be evaluated for inclusion into the BioPharmaLink directory.

What public do I reach?

BioPharmaLinks promotional efforts targets senior business managers and executives in the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector.
We reach now about 1000 daily visits to our site and that figure is still growing through our continuous efforts to invite more business executives active in the BioPharmalink network.
Our actual registered members consist of about 40% of CEO's, partners and managing directors in the biopharma industry and about the same figure of business development managers, licensing, export and marketing managers. We also have product and project managers, pharmacists and consultants subscribed.

How does my company gets visited by the targeted public?

Our marketing techniques aim to promote enhanced profiles intensively. Your company gets prominent exposure on our site both through search results and directory listings. Your services, offers, calls are exhibited both on your enhanced profile and the BioPharmaLink directories. New additions and your company news releases are listed in newsletters, sent to our subscriber list. New additions are showcased on our homepage.
Mouth-to-mouth promotion, presence in well known sites and directories and emails sent to a selected public brings the targeted demographic public to the BioPharmaLink.com website

What can I exhibit in my showroom?

Your showroom consists of different categories:
- offers: to showcase product and technology licensing opportunities or for sale
- services: to showcase services of your company
- calls: to showcase service or product needs
- news: to publish your company news releases
- contacts: to list contact persons thoughout your company

What products can I list?

Pharmaceuticals, drug- or licensing opportunities, developments, technologies, formulations, proteins, compounds, diagnostics and devices available for licensing or sale to businesses in the biopharma industry.

How many items can I list?

You may list up to 100 items on your profile. If you need to add more, just contact the sales support at support@BioPharmaLink.com.

Can I make sales through the site?

Visitors have the option to use the online form, or to contact you directly by email, phone or fax. It is up to you to publish your contact details on your listing.
No direct sales can be made through the site: you handle all transactions directly with your prospects.

How do I update my profile?

On opening an account with BioPharmaLink, you will get a user name and password to access your account. You may access your account at any time you wish to. Follow the instructions or refer to the provided help-functions. Modifications are published automatically.

Can I have more than 1 profile for my company?

No, our policy is set up to have only one profile for each company. We do not want to make our directory confusing for our visitors by having several duplicate listings.

Can I list my profile under different categories?

Yes, your company will appear in all categories that are applicable to your services and/or products. Just select all the categories that apply on the form provided.

How much does it cost?

Basic company listings are free: this introduction effort of us is to convince you about the benefits of what you could expect when having your enhanced company profile published on our web site, without any risk for you.

Enhanced company profiles are to be prepaid.
You pay $1400 for 1 year (= $120/month). This to get your company services and products exhibited and promoted to pharmaceutical and biotechnology managers and executives the whole year long. That means you get a return on investment already after 1 successful deal, not withstanding the extra connections you'll get.

How do I pay?

Payments are accepted through checks or money transfers into our bank account. Your company gets an invoice.

How do I follow-up results?

You will get reactions through links and e-mails directly from your company-profile, as well as indirect results.
Included in the enhanced profile are statistics on page views that users have visited.


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