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About us BioPharma

BioPharmaLink is an on-line marketplace and important source of global business intelligence in the pharmaceutical industry supply chain.

BioPharmaLink is the Internet Service Mark owned by Cofidei, Inc., an independent private company founded in 1998 by Claire Van Uffelen.
Based in Pennsylvania, in a town close to Pittsburgh, we also established an office in Europe.

Initially BioPharmaLink has been set up to provide an easy tool to retrieve information about the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. Companies and Institutions, who contribute directly to the development, manufacturing, licensing and distribution of medicines and therapies for the prevention and treatment of human illness: pharmaceuticals, biotechnology products, compounds and technologies.
The genome mapping, having opened the eyes of the general public will soon bring, besides new curative medicines, a huge range of diagnostic methods and preventive health care treatments through genetic engineering of cells ("Predictive Medicine"). That is also why we wanted to include companies active in the biotechnology.

The concept has been further developed into a network of biopharma professionals, who meet online through showrooms visited daily by a global community:
Companies now have the possibility of exhibiting their service and product offers or -calls online through enhanced company profiles. Through enhanced company profiles, (bio)pharmaceutical companies are given the opportunity to expose their pharmaceuticals, technologies and services in order to:

a) find partners and prospects for development projects, dossiers, products and technologies, be it for co-development, licensing or sale

b) search for products, technologies and potential suppliers of services

c) trade chemicals, compounds, pharmaceuticals and services

BioPharmalink has now realized to be a genuine online marketplace where thousands of biopharma senior managers find and search for licensing opportunities, trade technologies, products and services and we engage ourselves to continue our actions to develop the network.

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