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SafeScience, Inc. BioPharma

SafeScience develops and licenses proprietary and patented technologies providing practical solutions to issues of unsafe products. Our goal is to market safe, efficacious, and competitively priced products to the pharmaceutical, consumer, agricultural, and commercial markets. SafeScience is a biotechnology company. We began as a carbohydrate chemical company, and continue to build on carbohydrate technology. SafeScience has since expanded its efforts to research, develop and market products beyond carbohydrate chemistry and into other safe and innovative technologies, and is seeking to build a brand based on our own products as well as technology we have licensed from or developed with strategic partners. SafeScience conducts its business through two wholly-owned subsidiaries. One subsidiary, International Gene Group, Inc. (IGG), develops human therapeutics. IGG has been focused on developing GBC-590, a complex carbohydrate intended to combat cancer tumors and metastasis. Our second subsidiary, SafeScience Products, Inc. (SafeScience Products), operates our consumer, commercial, and agricultural products business. This subsidiary is also responsible for the marketing and brand management of all SafeScience products.


- Manufacturing
- Research & Development

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- Bio
- Technology

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SafeScience, Inc.

United States of America
Website: www.safescience.com

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