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Alphabetical classification of companies: H BioPharma

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Our selection BioPharma

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Healthpoint, Ltd., a DFB Pharmaceuticals Company
location: United States of America
Since its inception in 1992, Healthpoint Ltd. has established a strong domestic United States presence in the research, development, and marketing of branded pharmaceuticals, over the counter drugs, and medical devices for surgical, tissue management ... more

Alphabetical listing of Companies (H) BioPharma

H Lundbeck A/S, location: Denmark
... more

Haematologic Technologies, Inc., location: United States of America
Haematologic Technologies, Inc. is a manufacturer of research reagents and plasma proteins involved ... more

HAG Universal Ind, location: Pakistan
HAG Universal Industrie, an ISO 9002 certified company, is a leading manufacturer of surgical, Eye, ... more

HAG Universal Industrie, location: France
HAG Universal Industrie, an ISO 9002 certified company,is one of the world's leading manufacturers o ... more

Haina International Trading Co., Ltd, location: China
We can provide production as 1-octadecanethiol, its synonymy is n-octadecyl mercaptan or stearyl mer ... more

Hainan Chenghe Chemical co., Ltd, location: China
Production of Aloe Whole Leaf Extract, Aloe Gel Extract, Aloe Powder, Aloe Oil, Decolorized Aloe Oil ... more

HaiNan Sanye Pharmaceutical Group, location: China
It is a state-owned middle scale company. It includes pharmaceutical, health-care products, pharmace ... more

Hainan Weikang Pharmaceutical Co., LtdD, location: China
Hainan Weikang Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. is involved with research, production and sales of pharmaceut ... more

Hainan Zhongchen Biologic Engineering Co.,Ltd, location: China
We are an aloe vera raw materials planter, processor and exporter in China, supplying aloe vera powd ... more

Haizhou Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., location: China
Haizhou Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. is a subsidiary of Zhejiang Jianfeng Group which is a publicly liste ... more

Halley Medical Supplies Ltd., location: United Kingdom
Pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, medical and paramedical supplies, laboratory chemicals and supplies ... more

Hallochem Pharma, location: China
export veterinary drug ... more

Halsey Drug Co., Inc., location:
... more

Hameln pharmaceuticals, location: Germany
Hameln pharmaceuticals (formerly Pharma Hameln GmbH) ... more

Hammerhead Advertising, location: United States of America
Full Service Advertising Agency ... more

Hampshire Advisory and Technical Services Ltd, location: United Kingdom
Hampshire Advisory and Technical Services Ltd provides a cost effective, confidential consultancy se ... more

Hanaco Medical Co., Ltd., location: Japan
Products on offer : Medical disposables -- A.V. Fistula needles, Hemodialysis Blood tubing sets, Inf ... more

Hande Industry & Trade Holdings Ltd., location: China
Supplier of APIs & Intermediates for pharmaceutical industry and R&D Laboratory worldwide. We excel ... more

Handling Chemicals Ltd., location: China
Handling Chemicals Ltd.offers a variety of crop protection products, including insecticides, fungici ... more

Hangzhou Anabolic Chemical Co.,Ltd, location: China
Our company specialize in manufacturing pharmaceutical intermediates for Meropenem-the new-generatio ... more

Hangzhou Aowei Bioengineering Co., Ltd., location: China
Hangzhou Aowei Bioengineering Co. Ltd. is mainly engaged in research, developing, producing and sale ... more

Hangzhou Coson Pharm & Chem Co., Ltd, location: China
Hangzhou Coson Pharm & Chem Co., Ltd., located in West Lake Economy Science and Technology Garden Of ... more

Hangzhou Dentop Orthodontic Material Co.,Ltd, location: China
We are specialized in producing orthodontic products in China.Our Main Products are orthodontic brac ... more

Hangzhou Fenghe Bio-technology Co., Ltd., location: China
Hangzhou Fenghe Bio-technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise in the areas of pharmacy, chemica ... more

Hangzhou Greenda Chemical Co.,Ltd., location: China
Established on Oct 17th, 2001 ... more

Hangzhou Hetd Industry co.,ltd, location: China
We are a compositive pharmaceutical and chemical enterprise, gathering science development, product ... more

Hangzhou Jiuyuan Gene Engineering, location: China
A modern joint venture specializing in the research, development, production and marketing of pharma ... more

Hangzhou Metals Machinery & Chemicals, location: China
Produces metals, minerals machinery, chemicals, medicine and health products. ... more

Hangzhou Minsheng Jiangnan Pharmaceutical, location: China
The company mainly produces bulk medicines, also produces pharmaceutical intermediates and chemical ... more

Hangzhou New Asia International Co., Ltd, location: China
Our company is a very professional and reputable supplier and exporter of Glucosamine and Chitosan. ... more

Hangzhou Onicon Chemical co ltd, location: China
Hangzhou onicon chemical co. ltd ,whose headquarter located in Hangzhou and has 3 stock-holding fa ... more

Hangzhou Verychem Science & Technology Co., Ltd, location: China
we are a leading company in manufacturing and exporting chemical, intermediates and API, for example ... more

Hangzhou Yikang Biotech Co.,Ltd., location: China
Hangzhou Yikang Biotech Co.,Ltd. manufacture in-vitro diagnostic test kits.At present our products i ... more

Hanmi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., location: South Korea
... more

Hanpharm Biotech co.,ltd, location: China
Herbal extract, active pharmaceutical ingredients ... more

Hansa Fine Chemicals, location: Germany
HFC are exploiting innovations in organo-fluorine synthesis. We use new methods that allow the produ ... more

HANSELAND BV, location: Netherlands
Development of Production Process and Commercial Applications, Marketing&Sales of Biotechnology prod ... more

Hapharco, location: Vietnam
We offer the best services from registration, importation to distribution. ... more

Happy Labs.pvt.ltd., location: India
Now we have interest in pharmaceutical out sourcing. Plz make some favor regarding above issiue. now ... more

Harbin Hong Qiang Pharmaceutical Packaging Factory, location: China
our company can make all kinds of bottle caps including antibiotic cap, caps for oral taken liquid, ... more

Haresheni Pharma Impex, location: India
Haresheni pharma impex is founded by Mr.R.Prakash Iyer who is having 17 years versatile experience i ... more

Harlan Staffing Consultants, location: United States of America
Harlan Staffing Consultants is a scientific and executive search firm that focuses upon multiple dis ... more

Harper, location: United States of America
HARPER is a qualitative pharmaceutical/healthcare market research company dedicated specifically to ... more

HarvaTech Co., location: United States of America
We provide consulting service in biotechnology with specialty in hematology, oncology, molecular bio ... more

Hasco-Lek, location: Poland
Hasco-Lek offers medicines that are applied as antipyretic, antitussive, expectorant, sedative, and ... more

Hastand Export Marketing, location: India
Engaged in exports of a wide range of chemicals including pigments, dyestuffs, and pharmaceutical ra ... more

HATS Ltd, location:
... more

Hauser Contract Research Organization, location: United States of America
Hauser CRO provides the pharmaceutical industry with contract process chemistry, API manufacturing, ... more

Haxxon Health Sciences, location: Pakistan
Haxxon Health Sciences was established in April 2003 by professionals having decades of experience i ... more

HBDI Human Biological Data Interchange, location: United States of America
The Human Biological Data Interchange recruits families to participate in research. On-going efforts ... more

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New Listings:

Shenzhen Gosun Pharma Co.,Ltd, location: China
Shenzhen Gosun Pharma is the earliest and leading pharmaceutical company engaged in developing, manufacturing and marketing cephalosporin in China since 1992. For APT, the key product is cefotaxime/ce... more

Viro-Immun Labor-Diagnostika GmbH, location: Germany
Viro-Immun manufactures superior ELISA / EIA, IFA and Western Blot diagnostic kits for infectious and autoimmune diseases. The proprietary production of antigens and reagents provide consistent superi... more

Fermentek biotechnology, location: Israel
Fermentek is a young Jerusalem based biotechnology company, specializing in Fermentation technology/ Fermentek makes rare antibiotics,drug discovery leads, antiangioghenesis reagents, immunomodulators... more

Roskamp Institute, location: United States of America
Roskamp Institute is involved in finding a cure for Alzheimer's Disease and other neuropsychiatric disorders. The researchers work on drug discovery platform to reduce amyloid production in the brain... more

Lusomedicamenta, location: Portugal
Specialised in the manufacture of solid, liquid and semi-solid pharmaceutical forms.Currently we have around 160 employees working in 2 shifts. 150 fomulas in 700 presentations. We export to 47 differ... more

Infopia Co., Ltd., location: South Korea
We, infopia Co., Ltd., are the manufacturer of medical instruments located in South Korea. Our main items are blood glucose monitoring systems with various models for diabetes and prediabetes. Our bio... more

ZM Company, location: Canada
ZM Company, an independant CRO, specializing in Medical Affairs: Medical Monitoring, Clinical Monitoring, Serious Adverse Event (SAE) Management, Medical Data Review & Coding services, Clinical Data M... more

Belco Pharma, location: India
WHO approved, manufacturer of Pharmaceutical products since 1975. Manufacturing Injectable, Tablets, Capsules, External Preparations, Liquid orals, Powders in various categories: Antibiotics ( B-lactu... more

Biomatik Corporation, location: United States of America
Biomatik Corporation is a leading provider of biotech products and custom services. We offer the most competitive custom gene synthesis and peptide synthesis services in the world. We have several pro... more

Eurogentec NA, location: United States of America
EUROGENTEC, North America, Inc., your partner for genomic and proteomic research products, Eurogentec offers its customers integrated solutions, whether they use DNA, antibodies, peptides or proteins ... more

Pharmarchitecture Limited, location: United Kingdom
Full spectrum health outcomes and health technology assessment consulting: clinical trial and routine data analysis, epidemiology, costing, economic evaluation, decision modelling, pricing and market ... more


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