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A. To contact listed ('profiled') companies:
Please do contact the listed company directly:

  • For General company enquiries:
    To contact the company directly, please go back to the profile-page of the company and look at their contact-details (on the right of the company profile). In most of the cases, you will find the address, phone, fax, web site and/or email-address. To email the company directly, just follow the email-link when available.
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  • For Listed Product/Service Offers or Calls:
    To contact the right person concerning a specific listed Product/Service Offers or Calls, First off all, please go back to the specific page where you found the offer, call, service or news and look at the contact-details (on the right of the listed item). Next, to email the right person directly, just follow the email-link. You can also phone/fax the company.
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B. BioPharmaLink contact info:
To contact BioPharmaLink, please do write by snail mail or e-mail:


  • To add (or modify) your company to the BioPharmaLink directory: click here.

  • For Conditions of Enhanced Profiles: click here.

  • For General Info/Suggestions: click here

  • Also, if you cannot find contact information on the profiled-pages of the company you wish to contact, we will try to process your request/proposal and if applicable forward it to our enhanced profiled members: click here.


  • Corporate office:
    Cofidei, Inc. - BioPharmaLink services
    390 Northgate Drive
    Warrenale - PA 15086-7563

  • European representation:
    Cofidei, Inc. - BioPharmaLink services
    Via Val d'olivi 267 appt. 22
    18038 San Remo


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Claire Van Uffelen, Manager

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