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Our services are aimed to build up a network of business partners and generate information about the biopharma industry. A range of on-line and off-line actions are being organized continiously to this effect.

Our main task is to bring our members additional prospects and partners to develop their business. Therefor, we concentrate on the promotion of their services, products and technologies, not forgetting to report on performance through enhanced company profiles.

The range of actual products and services offered is as follows:

Free searches:

- Browse our directory of pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals and technology offers: available to license or to buy.
- Search for services and partnering opportunities.
- Look up companies profiles active in the worldwide (bio)pharmaceutical Industry: manufacturers, distributors, laboratories and institutions working on drugs and therapies in the healthcare sector. Search for a partner by selected activity, specialization and country


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  • Free company additions:
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  • Prominent company exhibition through enhanced profile pages:
    Showroom to exhibit your company services, products, technologies and partnering needs through different sections available for your company: profile, services, offers, calls, news, contacts.

    Your company products, technologies, services offered or sought will be seen on your company profile. Items will be found through search results and listed in the respective directories.
    Your company news releases will be found through search results and listed in the news-directory, as well as on your profile.

    Priority listings of your company profile through search results of the company-directory: Your company will appear in the the first set of results.

    Besides more space provided for your company profile and priority listings through searches, we will promote new services, products or company news on our homepage and through publication in our newsletter.

    Fixed price. No commission or introduction fees.
    You can order an enhanced profile after you have added your free basic company profile.


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  • On-line publication of your company news.
    Your news releases concerning new appointments, new developments, new markets or other relevant news can be pubished on both our website and in our newsletter.
    Companies with an enhanced profile have the opportunity to add news releases automatically.
    If you do not have an enhanced profile and wish to have your news release published, we might consider to include your news in our newsletter: contact us.


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